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Protecting Lives and Property

At UNISAFE, our sole endeavor is to protect and secure that which is valuable to you and your life, your home, your business. Securing millions of smiles around the world through our specialist firefighting equipment’s and fire prevention systems. We pride ourselves on being a specialist provider of turnkey solutions in fire protection, fire detection, fire suppression, gas flooding and voice evacuation.

UNISAFE’s home securities solutions help protect lives and property with products and services that satisfy everybody needs. We can help protect you and your loved ones with advanced home fire safety and security solutions backed by our 24/7 service and support. We help you to get peace of mind by providing protection from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide dangers and property losses.

Whether you live in a small residence, apartment, large house, or whether you are a proud owner of your factory and commercial premises we can offer and assist on a wide variety of Home Security & Fire Safety solutions. After we design, install, and inspect your system, we maintain it with a 24/7 repair and maintenance service. Our experienced and trained professionals customize Home Security & Fire Safety solutions that satisfy the specific requirements of each residence and budget.

UNISAFE knows that Home Security & Fire Safety solutions for loved ones and property are life’s priorities. We are passionately committed to take care of your valuables and securing the smiles of those you love.

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